22 March 2010

Photographs of the "real" Alice

With the Disney and now Tim Burton films, and even the colored Tenniel drawings, it can be surprising to know that the "real" Alice -- Alice Liddell -- was a brunette.  She is the girl child friend of Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll who asked for the story that told the tale of Wonderland. 

She has a Wikipedia page if you are interested in a introductory biography!

The first few are by Charles Dodgson himself, who was an avid photographer (I will post more on this later).

Dodgson was keen on making narrative photos, and here Alice posed as a beggar child:

Dodgson was also fond of Alice's two sisters, who are referenced in the All in the Golden Afternoon poem as Prima and Tertia (Alice being Secunda).  He photographer the three together:

Julia Margaret Cameron, a contemporary photographer, also photographed Alice, though now she is in her early 20s.  This photograph is entitled "Pomona":

This photograph is titled "Alethea":

By this photograph, Alice is married to Reginald Hargreaves, whom she married at 28 years of age:

And here is a newspaper clipping with accompanying photograph announcing Alice's death:


  1. She was such a beautiful little girl. Lovely photographs. Very inspiring and fascinating.

  2. Yes, I love these photographs, very stirring.