31 May 2010

Clara in Blunderland

From Wikipedia:

Clara in Blunderland is a novel by Caroline Lewis (pseudonym for Edward Harold Begbie, J. Stafford Ransome, and M. H. Temple), written in 1902 and published by William Heinemann of London. It is a political parody of Lewis Carroll's two books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. The book was followed a year later with a sequel, Lost in Blunderland.

It is critical of the Second Boer War in which Clara represents Leader of the House of Commons Arthur Balfour. A number of other notable British politicians are identified in the book. The Red Queen is Joseph Chamberlain, the Duchess is Robert Cecil, Crumpty-Bumpty is Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the Walrus is William Vernon Harcourt, the Dalmeny Cat is Archibald Philip Primrose, and the Caterpillar is a young Winston Churchill.

The book features 40 drawings after the originals by John Tenniel which were drawn by journalist J. Stafford Ransome, credited as "S.R.".


The full text of the book is available on Google Books.

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