11 June 2010

Alice in Zombieland

Since Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has come out, there has been fervent re-writing of the classics to include zombies, werewolves, and sea monsters. I have not actually read any of these books (full disclosure), and am not against genre bending (horror and children's book, for example), but once an originally creative idea becomes kitschy, I am afraid that it shows little reverence to both Alice and zombie folklore.

The book is devoid of images -- parodies of John Tenniel's artworks could have been put to good use, and the two reviews on Amazon are poor, if this is any further indication.

As zombie expert, and recent reviewer of Survival of the Dead noted, "[Z]ombies used to mean something. [N]ow it's like counterfeit, there's so much glutting the market, it dilutes the real deal." He went on to say, "[I] hope the amish don't befall the same fate"

One would think with the Queen of Hearts (Nikolas Cook's Dead Red Queen?) running the show, all zombies in her path would lose their heads!


  1. who's your source for the quote? how do i know it's legit? you could've made that up yourself

  2. If you would like to be known as someone other than a zombie expert, let me know, but you are the one who spent 10 years studying Comparative Zombitrics.

  3. Wrong field. That's completely theoretical. I was on the practical end of things, earning a doctorate in Applied Zombology